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Our Goal

The goal of Affordable Dispute Resolution is quite simple. We wish to help people reach fair, equitable, affordable and expeditious resolutions of their disputed matters.

We all have better, more enjoyable things to do with our non-income producing hours. Wouldn’t you prefer to have more leisure time and send it with family and friends?  To do that, you need to move on with your life. Do not dwell, whether through litigation or otherwise, on matters which most often arise from a simple misunderstanding and/or an honest difference of opinion.

Spending time litigating generally requires the incursion of significant out of pocket expenditures and  often results in the potential loss of additional earnings because of time devoted to the litigation process (e.g. meeting with counsel, answering interrogatories, being deposed, appearing in Court, etc.). This valuable time may otherwise be devoted to income producing endeavors or to leisure pursuits.

ADR wants to help you re-claim control of your life  by helping you resolve disputed matters quickly and economically. We have done so for others. Let us help you help yourself.