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  Will Mediation Work For You?

If: (i) you agree with the four positional statements set forth on the home page (CLICK HERE); and (ii) both you and the other party posses the state of mind described on the page entitled “Mediation Mindset” (CLICK HERE), then there is no reason mediation will not help you resolve your dispute. However, as you can see from the information provided throughout this site, mediation success depends very much upon the attitudes of the parties. A claimant seeking public vindication for a perceived slight or a responding party whose goal is merely to delay the ultimate resolution of the dispute is not likely to achieve very much in mediation. Rather, such persons will just waste time and money.

However, for those people who truly want to work toward a solution, mediation is a valuable tool which, in the long run, will save you time, money and aggravation. Successful mediations are performed every day. Literally, millions of people have resolved disputes through mediation. Only you can prevent yourself from enjoying that same success and savings. Give it a try. The initial consult is free so you really have nothing to lose. Contact us at ADR, and let us get to the work of helping you.

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